Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

EFT is a tapping procedure where all points are tapped to address entire energy field and body as a whole.

Thought Field Therapy

TFT is a more focused approach and has specific algorithms for specific issues.

Meridians, undetectable to the naked eye, are imperative to our daily health and well-being. A complex system of energy pathways flowing throughout the body, with the purpose of delivering essential energy to each of our organs. Meridians are responsible for all the body’s major organ system. Occasionally, small blockages or imbalances of energy can occur within the body. If left untreated, these blockages have potential to result in illness, symptoms, and disease.  

The meridians support and stabilize the body’s energy, remove blockages and regulate metabolism – all contributing to the body’s normal function. From time to time, the body needs help in removing blockages and stabilizing the body’s energy. Certain points along the meridians can be stimulated with acupuncture.

EFT and TFT follow along with acupuncture by using certain meridian points to free up the body’s natural energy flow.