EFT/TFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT EFT is a tapping procedure where all points are tapped to address entire energy field and body as a whole. Thought Field Therapy TFT is a more focused approach and has specific algorithms for specific issues. … Read More

Reiki 101

Join me for an evening of light refreshments learning the history of Reiki and how it can help you manage life events, your health, stressful situations; and, help those you love. RSVP is mandatory as space is limited.    Reply … Read More

Reiki Training – Level I – Saturday, March 28

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes  healing.  It is a simple yet powerful technique that can be learned by anyone.  The ability to use Reiki is taught in a classroom environment; yet, unique … Read More

Comfortable and At Ease

I felt VERY comfortable and at ease, I didn’t even have to think about the positions, things just flowed naturally, like I was finally doing what I had been waiting to do for a long time!!☺️🦋 – Misti

Reiki Training – Level I

Interested in learning the Japanese technique for relaxation and healing?  Join me, Reiki Master, Joyce Renner, Saturday, April 20 beginning at 10 a.m. Learn from the lineage of Sensi Usui and the International Center for Reiki Training the beautiful, peace, … Read More

CUTV News Radio Spotlights Joyce Renner

Link: CUTV News Radio Spotlights Joyce Renner 1/11/19: This is an interview with Joyce Renner by Jim Masters, CUTV News Radio Topics include: Reiki Animal Reiki Reflexology Using Healing Modalities Teaching Reiki

Frederick Review Interview

Link: Interview with Joyce Renner, Body and Sole Wellness This interview is with the Frederick Review. Topics cover: Definition of Reiki and Reflexology Business history Success in helping people Business advice

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